Back in 2022, Imogen joined up with Harry and Stacey from Northern Wine to make a co-ferment using a chunk of wort from a Tinderbox brew, along with the skins of Northern Wine’s Chardonnay grapes. It then sat in tank, with the skins, for four months before being transferred to Sauternes barrels, where it aged for a further year.

The result is Needs Must, an insanely good beer, with huge amounts of flavour, including oaky notes from the barrel itself and a tartness from the chardonnay skins.

The beer is textured and complex and the flavour from the grapes leans it in to be a true hybrid between beer and wine.

We exhibited the beer at last year’s IndiMan where it went down a storm (take a look at some of the reviews on Untappd) and so we’re really excited to have the rest of the beer packaged and ready to launch.

The beer is going to be available in 660ml bottles, perfect for sharing and pairs brilliantly with more delicate cheese and charcuterie. The bottles themselves have been hand printed using a Lino cut designed by Watson, giving each bottle a unique character.

We’re launching the beer at Northern Wine’s Ramble, in Kendal on Saturday 4th May. They’re going to be serving up smash burgers from lunch until late. Drop them a message on Instagram to book your table.

Needs Must is available on our webshop now.