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In March 2023, Fell will celebrate its 10th birthday. While we’re thrilled to have reached this milestone, it has got us thinking a great deal about the future, what kind of impact we’re having and what kind of legacy we might like to leave behind. 

We’re a pretty conscientious, progressive bunch and being sustainable and green is important to all of us in our personal lives. Sending Fell on the journey to being truly sustainable is something we’ve long wanted to do. With that in mind, I have committed a lot of energy over the last 6 months or so in coming up with a robust plan to achieve our goals and enable Fell to set an example of how a small independent brewery can have a positive impact on its local surroundings, economy and environment.

It would take me hours to explain the entirety of our vision, and plenty of it is still in development. However, these last few weeks have seen our first steps come to fruition and I thought you might like to learn a little more. 

At the end of October, we had a 40kW array of solar panels installed on the brewery roof. This should generate about half of our energy requirements and directly offset about a third of our carbon emissions. There’s no two ways about it, brewing beer is energy intensive. We have no choice but to boil 1000s of litres of water every time we brew. These panels are the first step in seeking to find sustainable sources for our energy needs. 

Carbon foot printing a brewery has proved very complicated. What I can say at this stage is that we believe firmly that offsetting our carbon through cheap, international schemes does not, in our opinion, represent true environmental sustainability. It is our goal, stated implicitly, to achieve net zero principally through our direct operations and, where appropriate, through local offsetting processes that we genuinely believe in. In light of this, it makes our journey to net zero all the more challenging, but it is one we are excited to embrace. We have some very specific challenges as well as some very exciting opportunities. This marks the beginning. I hope you’ll welcome our plans and will continue to support us on our journey. 


​​Tim Bloomer 

​​Founder and Director