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We’ve been around for a while now at Fell. We brewed our first beer down on our sunny, South Cumbria peninsula in spring 2013. Since then, it’s fair to say, the world of beer has undergone some big changes. We’ve ridden the waves as best we can, taking inspiration and influence from what we liked, but cracking on and ignoring the things we didn’t.

Our branding dates all the way back to 2011 and has served us well. Many people are very fond of it, ourselves included. However, in line with celebrating our 10th birthday next year, we decided now was the time to renew it for the decade ahead. On top of this, we are introducing a new strapline that spells out better what matters to us and always will. So, without further ado, welcome to the new Fell.

Being 10 years old is positively ancient in UK Craft Brewing terms. That decade has been spent looking to the wider world for inspiration and influence. This has been great and we’ve learnt loads. However, the decade ahead is about coming home. We wanted our new branding to reflect our established position in our local neighbourhood… Cumbria. The landscapes, environment and communities have shaped us deeply in ways we are only beginning to get to grips with. This rebrand is about embracing that and becoming of this place.

Not everything is changing. This is evolution, not revolution. Our much beloved contours are staying, along with the names and descriptions you are familiar with. We are simply renewing for the next decade and stating more clearly what matters to us. It’s new, but it’s unmistakably Fell. We hope you like it.

Rolling this out across the Fell Universe is going to take a little time. With sustainability in mind, we don’t want to needlessly waste things and create unnecessary disruption, particularly for our trade customers. So, we ask that you’re a little patient with us over the coming months as we transition from classic to new. Cans have been the first things to head into the new branding, and you will begin to see new pumclips for draught beer in the very near future. Point of Sale, signage and all the other pieces of the puzzle will be rolling out early next year. Although some tasty new merch is already available on the webshop. We’re here to help with any issues or confusion, so just give us a shout if you need. 

There’s been a lot of hard work done by some great people to steer this beast through. We’ve had some amazing help with locations and found some utterly brilliant accidental models. Big shout out to the genius that is Ian Wood Photography. We’re absolutely chuffed with the work we’ve done together. Most of all though, congratulations to our resident beer bod Watson Bell. This is his brainchild and he’s pulled off an absolute blinder.

So, here’s to the next 10 years and to coming home. Thanks for reading everyone. We hope you have a great day.