Fell Brewery’s beers have always been about the same things. Drinkability, independence of thought, nous, the technical ability to produce the best quality and the community of people who make and serve them. We’ve had three successful bars in three very different communities for a little while now, so when the opportunity came up to take on the lease of The Royal Oak, we jumped at the chance of our newest challenge. What the pandemic-influenced restrictions on trading have opened our eyes to over the last 18 months is not only how important these venues are to their communities, but how valuable having outdoor trading space is – and, trust us, there’s loads of it down at the Oak!

Tim Bloomer and Andrew Carter, the directors and co-founders of Fell Brewery grew up a stone’s throw from Cartmel, and the microbrewery HQ has been operating a handful of miles down the road in Flookburgh since its inception in 2012. Tim remembers many a long day out at The Royal Oak from his earliest days discovering beer, where afternoons with friends used to segue into hazy evenings usually ending with a stagger home back over the fell. Andrew often sat and drank pints there while busily thrashing out plans and breaking the back of important ideas in the earliest days of the brewery. It’s always been a pub and a location close to the epicentre of what Fell’s founders are about.

What we will be striving to achieve in taking custody of such an elemental building in the village is ultimately helping what is essentially a country pub to realise its enormous potential as a place where locals, families, visitors and communities are welcomed in equal measure, driven by our accessible yet eclectic tastes in beer, wine, natural wines and spirits. This will be complimented by a locally influenced food offering which is of high quality and value for money, goes well with our drinks menu, but most importantly helps to facilitate the sort of environment where spontaneous convivial conversations erupt with strangers, the kids potter around in our giant beer garden while the rest of the clan enjoy a bite to eat in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Perhaps you’re clustered around the fire, drying off after a mammoth bike ride and seeking well-earned sustenance… Maybe you just want a pint of bitter and a bag of crisps on your way home.

If you’ve been to any of our bars before, you’ll know what we do, and what we’re about. You won’t see many brands you recognise – but that’s alright, it’s an opportunity to explore a little, get to know our approach, get to know our staff and, most of all, we’ll look forward to getting to know you too. See you down the pub!