We’re the folk behind Fell Brewery. We’ve been making beer here since 2013 and appreciate how lucky we are. We love Cumbria and will always be firmly grounded in our local area and community. We’re fiercely and proudly independent. We take huge pride in the fact that a Fell beer will always be the product of a small, passionate team and we genuinely have fun making it. We make beers that we ourselves want to drink and put our heart and soul into it. We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy making them.

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Tim Bloomer, Founder

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Andrew Carter, Operations Director

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Watson Bell, Head of Sales

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Gemma Greenbank, Brewery Manager

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Joe Marshall, Fell Bars General Manager

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Imogen Beedham, Brewer

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John B Major, Brewer

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Scott Larrabee, Brewer

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Simon Burgess, Drayman

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Nicola Pickup, Marketing