Ghyll & South Cumbria Rivers Trust

From the 1st April 2023, 5p of every pint of Ghyll sold will be used to fund a new project, in collaboration with South Cumbria Rivers Trust. During this first year we will be supporting the LIFE R4Ever Kent project although we’re hopeful that further opportunities may arise as the partnership grows. The LIFE R4ever Kent project is a partnership project co-funded by the European Union with the aim of helping to improve the condition of the River Kent, with a focus on improving its habitat for native species including freshwater pearl mussels, white clawed crayfish, salmon, trout and bullhead. 

South Cumbria Rivers Trust is just up the road from us here at the brewery, and we’ve been friends with them for several years. So it seemed fitting for us to get involved, especially as the River Kent runs just a stone’s throw from Fell Bar Kendal.

From the outset, we want this to be a long term project, hence why we’ve chosen such a pivotal product line as a conduit for raising the funds. The majority of Ghyll is sold in Cumbria. So our intention is that by drinking Ghyll, the people of Cumbria can contribute directly to improving their waterways for years to come. 

We’ve put sustainability at the core of our business moving forwards, and if we manage to sell the same amount of Ghyll as last year, we should raise about £5,000, which can make a really positive impact on the project. If we sell more, we’ll donate more. There will also be a tree planting element to the work, so the project will also serve to directly offset Fell’s carbon emissions and aid us in our journey to Net Zero.

Not only will we be helping to raise money, but we will be helping the Trust to raise awareness around certain key issues specific to our rivers and waterways. There will also be opportunities for volunteering with conservation work in the near future. So stay tuned or reach out if you’d like to find out more.

At South Cumbria Rivers Trust we work hard to conserve, protect and rehabilitate our rivers and streams, where necessary, as well as raising awareness around the issues they face. As a small local trust, working with local businesses and communities has always been at the heart of what we do. Therefore, when the opportunity to partner with Fell Brewery arose we were delighted and eager to see what we could do. Rivers and their catchments are integral to our lives, especially here in Cumbria, from the water they provide us for drinking, bathing and recreation, to the wildlife and habitats they support. We believe that by working together we can achieve more, which is why we’re really excited by this partnership with Fell Brewery.

Jayne Wilkinson, Strategic Partnership Manager, SCRT

Problems with water quality in our local lakes and rivers is something that really gets under our skin here in Cumbria. I suspect that this stems from how significant a role they play, one way or another, in our day to day lives. Flooding, wild swimming, agriculture, angling, waste water treatment… our lakes and rivers sit front and centre. We wanted to find a credible, straightforward way of directly helping to make things better. By partnering with our friends at SCRT, I hope that we can come together as a community in support of something that matters to all of us as Cumbrians. And hey, it’s another reason to enjoy a cracking pint of cask beer. What’s not to like?

Tim Bloomer, Founder and Director

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