Alongside Rider Resilience, we’ve embarked on a brewing journey that celebrates and is a tribute to the cyclists and beer enthusiasts who embody the same values and principles that drive us both forward.  

Fell Brewery is known for its commitment to crafting exceptional beers that bring people together. Our collaborations with local organizations, such as the South Cumbria Rivers Trust, Wonderful Wild Women, and Blue Mind Men, reflect our commitment to supporting and enriching our community. We recognize the profound impact that being part of a group can have, particularly during challenging times. That’s why we were thrilled to partner with Rider Resilience, helping them promote their mission of offering support and companionship through cycling.

We had a great brew day with the Rider Resilience team, who all got stuck in with helping to brew the beer. The result is a pale ale filled with Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Talu hops, giving it tropical fruit flavours with a piney, grapefruit and tangerine edge. Super soft and hazy making it an easy drinker that packs a load of flavour, perfect for post ride refreshment.

Every drop brewed as part of this partnership represents a collective commitment to building a community and developing a sense of camaraderie by bringing people together and sharing experiences. Whether you’re conquering the trails or enjoying a well-crafted beer, it’s about embracing the journey, savouring the moments and cherishing the connections made along the way. 

We’re not just brewing a beer – we’re developing community strength and creating lasting friendships.

Cheers to the journey ahead!

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